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You are a man called Harold Peters born in 1928. You made a cartoon series called "Nick's pixelated paordy's" where the show takes cartoon episodes and makes a parody out of it, with Nick as the main character. After a while the show is not going great and you have to shut it down, so you go over to the technology industry...but that doesn't go too well...

Coinventure is not a child friendly game, even though the name is pretty kid-friendly. Coinventure is a light-horror game which doesn't really focus on scares or bad atmosphere but rather story and uncomfortableness.


  • SeventyFour Productions (coding, text, virus-detecting)
  • Diz Three (Music, Art, And really handy tips because i am new to the engine i am using)

I got inspired to make a horror game by Diz Three. Which also got inspired by someone else.

If you want to ask me any questions, please type it in the comments and i will try to answer them all! (Even though i don't think anybody will comment :P)

note to self:
Try not to get to hanged up by old computers, you'll never come out of your room that way

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AuthorSeventyFour Productions


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