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Coinventure 3 isn't a sequel, rather, it's a reboot/retelling of the original 2 games. Can you get through all the 20+ endings?

Story descriptions:

Harold Peters:
You're a veteran programmer in the facility that is ComputerSoft Co. But with your nice office comes a price...A deadly price

Juliet O. Peters:
You have to get a job, you are struggling financially and then one fateful night, your mom sends you a text message. She found a job in the papers and thought you'd be interested. You accept and...well...you'll see.

Nick Peters:
Older than Juliet. In 1996 Nick and his female friend Sarah head out to the woods for a walk, they arrive at the same building that Nick's grandfather, Harold worked at, and then everything went terribly wrong...

SeventyFour Productions (Level design, 3D models, 3D room designs, Programmer, basically 99% of the game.)
Rachel Picard, BlueHelix Gaming (Voice-acting.)
Bro. Three (Voice-acting, beta-testing.)
Minefe - (Beta-testing.)

Made by Nithriotto Games

Nithriotto Games:

All original music composed by Bro. Three and Riot. The music was made for this game specifically, or some other game I have created.

Previous games in the series:
Coinventure 2

(Coinventure 3 is a remake of these 2 games, including the story, so if you want to figure the story out, don't get anything from any other sources than this game.)

Updated 19 days ago
PublisherNithriotto Games
AuthorSeventyFour Productions
Made withClickteam Fusion
Tags2D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Robots, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Coinventure 3: A New Beginning v.1.3.14 309 MB

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